An A-Z of Podcasts

If you head on over to , you will find a browsable A to Z index of all the podcasts in the system.

Soon, you’ll be able to easily add feeds from this or the search (or anywhere!) to your own podcast directory and share the shows you like to listen to and organise them into feed folders, all with lovely OPML for you to build nice widgets out of 😉 – and we will to!

One comment

  • Hi Kosso, this index is good as it allows me to get to stuff by name rather than (I mean as well as ;)) category. I’ve had some trouble with Doppler recently and will be changing my aggregator soon. So I’ve been downloading the Gillmor gang “by hand” (from when possible) but there seems to be a lag of a few days between the Gillmor podcast being hosted by podshow and it showing up on Any info on this apparent latency ? Do you know why is it so hard to download from podshow directly? Direct download is something you seem to getting right at But’s attitude towards aggregators isn’t clear to me. Is the part of design intent of to host opml that a web aware aggregator can use?