Revoke Article 50

The government needs to revoke Article 50 now.

Then try to come up with a solution for Brexit which makes *everyone* as happy as possible.

This includes the ‘other’ (more or less) half of the country that voted the other way. 

Brexit or no Brexit, you’re going to piss off (more or less) half of the country.

So what’s needed is a solution to the issues that have divided the country (and its political parties, who are actually to blame in the first place).

If the eventual solution does mean we eventually re-invoke Article 50 and leave on good terms that make sense to ‘everyone’ (a lot more than about half the country), so be it. 
If it means we stay. Great.

But repeatedly trying to shoehorn the country into a situation that only about half the population (and its politicians) even actually wants, while under the pressure of a countdown clock that you started (and can unilaterally stop), is complete and utter madness.

Been busy making waves

Something made from this, which I’ve put together over the past few days, will probably make it into the mojomeja plugin for the app I’m building at some stage.

and then later…

I’m actually really, really chuffed with this work. It’s been one of the ‘holy grails’ for me in web development. Doing all this in the browser is stunning, compared to the way I used to have to do this sort of thing. (eg: Using Flash!)

Have a go on a demo on a domain I bought many years ago, for this very purpose :


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