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Testing a new plugin I just wrote

So I’ve finally learnt how to build a plugin to support ‘mojomeja’ posts using WordPress Gutenberg ‘Blocks’. Also with wysiwyg in the editor. Nice.

Here’s a test using an old audio post…

This should be below it.

How about a photo?

and now some more audio (but hiding the title this time) …

and even a 360 image!

and finally, a video


source :

I have made a(nother) thing….

This post was created using it.

It’s a Chrome extension idea I had ages ago which I recently decided to finally build.

It makes it very easy to share a partial screenshot of any web page to a WordPress blog. Like this!

(All it needs is the JWT Auth plugin to be installed first)

Once I have it all cleaned up I’ll get it up to the Chrome Web Store.

It’s very much based on another Chrome extension I built some time ago called ‘SHOTPIN‘.


You do realise, it’s only a matter of time until people will walk around wearing ‘sunglasses’ which alter and enhance reality with insta-like filters?

They probably already exist.

Maximising Medium

I don’t know about you, but I find the reader-unfriendly letterbox design of Medium pretty irritating. [eg]

A platform literally built for people to read things, filling about a quarter of the visible browser height with pointless elements, begging you to sign up or remind you what you’re trying read. Sigh.

So, I’ve knocked up a little ‘bookmarklet’ script to get rid of the annoying bits:

You should be able to click and drag this link >>> MAXMEDIUM <<< to your Chrome browser Toolbar to create a simple button to click, when things get on your way on Medium articles.

If that doesn’t work, you can create a new bookmark and paste this code in to the ‘url/link’ entry:

javascript: (function() {
    function R(w) {
        try {
            var d = w.document;
        } catch (E) {

I’ve also created one to kill autoplaying videos from news sites like The Independent, which then follow you down the page as you’re trying to READ the NEWS, even though you stopped it or never wanted to watch it. Double-deep-sigh.

What a waste of bandwidth. And also completely destroying any sense of honesty from analytics on video views. “Hey, video views are up!” “That’s great! Well done video producers! Call the ad men!”
Web developers: “…….”

Revoke Article 50

The government needs to revoke Article 50 now.

Then try to come up with a solution for Brexit which makes *everyone* as happy as possible.

This includes the ‘other’ (more or less) half of the country that voted the other way. 

Brexit or no Brexit, you’re going to piss off (more or less) half of the country.

So what’s needed is a solution to the issues that have divided the country (and its political parties, who are actually to blame in the first place).

If the eventual solution does mean we eventually re-invoke Article 50 and leave on good terms that make sense to ‘everyone’ (a lot more than about half the country), so be it. 
If it means we stay. Great.

But repeatedly trying to shoehorn the country into a situation that only about half the population (and its politicians) even actually wants, while under the pressure of a countdown clock that you started (and can unilaterally stop), is complete and utter madness.

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