Podcast.com Upgrade

Well, after ages of thinking and and coding, I have managed to do a huge overhaul of the podcast.com code, mainly in the directory / feed folder rendering department.

Ever since I built the first rendition of the renderer. I knew I’d have to rethink it somewhat, to cope with many, many users without losing the very cool functionality that I have put in there (for good reason).

Now you will find that the site loads ALOT faster. A quick peek at the OPML for each folder (see the red opml icons – which may change – when you open a feed folder) will show you that we use inclusion at every level now. This helps the whole system to scale.

Also, this means that one user can now link easily to another user’s folder without breaking the ‘tree’. It works with internally generated and managed ‘feed folders’ (creating OPML) as well as external OPML.

When you view a feed, you will also notice with added a link to show ‘where’ this feed appears in our users’ folder structures. (OK.. not so many users as yet, but we hope to add to them by the end of October) Also, you’ll see a button to show single-click subscription methods will a list of chicklets.

Another cool thing you should see is that EVERY folder has a permalink url – also with some links to add to del.icio.us or digg

We want the data here to work EVERYWHERE. We have an opportunity to work with EVERYONE.

We love you guys. Now I gotta do me a podcast! 🙂


  • Hey Koz,

    Do you have an rss feed that would cover every podcast that you are on or do?

  • Hey there Christian!

    If you mean ‘me’, or ‘one’, then what you could do is create a feed folder called ‘podcasts I am in’ , then add the feeds for each in there – then the fresh feed for that folder will mash up all the latest entries from each 😉

    So – the answer is yes! 🙂

  • 🙂 That is cool, but is thaere an RSS feed that has every podcast that Kosso participates in? I think it would be great to subsribe to the scoble feed too.

  • hi,
    We have someone currently working on our search engine, which will also output RSS.

    So, you will be able to use that. Also, we’re adding tagging support too! 😉