Evoca helps Adobromedia

Just reading Mike Arrington's blurb on Evoca. Here's my thrupenny bit : (it was going to be a comment, but it got long enough for a blog post I think 😉 )…

I think they've done another great job with Flash Media Server. The socapp stuff and pips are nice and what you'd expect these days.

You've been able to do this stuff for a while with Flash Communication Server (they changed the name recently) – record audio. And you can do alot with videos too (see Stickam.com : another group of FMS widgets manifested).

Now we're seeing the FLV format break into the mainstream, thanks to the great On2 codecs (and the great work from the WildForm Flix team) and YouTube and GoogleVideo etc. It lowers the barrier to entry for web video, as there are so many Flash players out there granted: for web use, though.

Adobromedia must be feeling quite happy the way things are panning out, what with Flash video and also the slowly solidifying mobile platform they have.

What we now need are Flash apps like this, that enable easy media recording and publishing on devices like the Origami. Then, we will see some incredible things happen. It will be so easy to create and share multimedia, that we'll need better ways to store, organise and share that which we will all consume and create so readily, in the future.

Does The Pope have a Time Machine??

Cooo, while trawling through loads of feeds today, building this system for podcasters, I was wondering why I was getting some strange results. I thought it was my code playing tricks with me, but no.

Now this is just one of the MANY MANY errors and quirks I find in people’s RSS feeds (which will be the subject of a future podcast), but it appears that the Vatican Radio One-O Five ‘Live’ podcast (among others) is being ‘future posted’. Notice the date on the most recent item? It’s in the THE FUTURE!

This could be an error in whatever time-travelling software the Pope uses for his podcasts, but I also find it very odd that this is a FeedBurner feed, and should have been ‘sanitized’ to a point. You’d think they would, wouldn’t you?

I am absolutely flabbergasted at the variations of RSS feeds out there, which people are relying on to get their voices heard on podcasts. All that effort to produce a show. We really need to help educate people on syndication feed practices. This isn’t a web site HTML page, which might show up and work in various browsers, even if the code is invalid, this is MACHINE-READABLE-CODE and should be written by machines/scripts that all speak the SAME language, or we’ll find ourselves in a right pickle.

Soon, we will be able to throw open the doors to podcast.com and see if we can collate some good, solid information, to go alongside the RSS 2.0 spec which can help people get it right. All that along with some podcast ‘grazing’ pages which we think you’re going to love 😉 We do!
It’s worth it. Trust me 🙂

ps: Still on a religious note, I have also noticed that the RSS feed for the alt.muslim.review podcast is in chronological order. RSS feeds should be in REVERSE chronological order. Now, this could be a mistake (which it is, really) or it could have something to do with the reverse order that pages and text go in Arabic (and other) languages. Hmm.. Interesting. I wonder if that’s it. If so, then all Arabic content syndication systems might need to give that some thought.

Handy MP3 player + Bluetooth handsfree thingummy whatsit

This looks handy. It’s called the iTech clip M. A little thing that you can hook up in the cable coming out of your mp3 player (no, it doesn’t have to be just a nano!) which also provides handsfree calling to your mobile phone. Cool! And cheap. Now, I wonder what the call quality is like? Does it even have a mic? Is the bluetooth audio to the phone in stereo?

Questions. Questions 🙂

I already have a pair of the Plantronics Pulsar 590 Stereo Bluetooth headphones, and the Bluetooth quality while listening to music or podcasts while walking around the house is pretty good. But the boom mic they have on it SUCKS.

After passing my dulcet tones along the tiny plastic tubing which sticks out of one of the earpieces, I’d just as well be warbling through a straw. Also, there was about a half second latency noticeable when I tried to use them as a monitor for a podcast recording. Impossible. Shame. I rather liked the idea of wondering around, totally wirelessly, recording my rants.

Yes, there are ‘kozcasts’ coming soon! If you must know, I’m just putting the finishing touches to the system I will be using to publish them 😉

Another OPML podcast!

It’s great to hear another podcast with loads of chat around OPML over on Alex Barnett’s blog. Present on the podcast were Alex, Adam Green, Joshua Porter and John Tropea. Maybe I’ll be organised enough to join in on the next one. 😉
Also, check out OPMLCamp. Which sounds like it should be really interesting. Hopefully I’ll be in the area around that date.

This past week has been incredibly busy, cranking out code like a you-know-what. OPML, RSS, feeds, trees, Flash, scripts, scripts, scripts!!

Hey, if the boot fits, strap it! 😉

Also, I noticed that Alex did a great job at annotating the podcast in the description. Now, this is perfect data to get organised in OPML with a ‘time’ attribute. I’m thinking that an OPML outline node with a ‘time’ attribute could point to an RSS formatted file/list containing the details, links and timestamps. Possibly in OPML itself? Either create something new in OPML – or use RSS in a different way, but utilising all the available elements?

Any ideas anyone?

Basically we need to think about simple ways we can organise and link files containing time-based annotation of the content in an enclosure. Thats data is so important. Audio search engines like Podzinger and Podscope could then output that data and enrich the data which points to and describes a podcast.

Then we need the tools and interfaces for all this. Mmmm… yesss… 😉

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