Linden ATM?

I was just looking at a list of virtual worlds and games out there and was looking at Entropia Universe‘s site. It seems like they have a real world debit card available which lets their users withdraw their in world currency as real world cold hard cash from any ATM!

I think that’s a great idea and one which I think Linden Lab should look at doing with their own Linden Dollar in Second Life. How cool would that be!? 🙂 “yeah.. put in on my PrimCard” 😉

Now that’s what I call a flexi friend 😉

One comment

  • going by their charges it costs 25$ to setup
    3.5$ a month
    3.5$ a transfer to the card
    but a whopping 3.5$ to withdraw and you can only take out 100$

    and its only a debit card

    in addition you have to either continually pay just to stay alive in entropia or else hunt, mine etc etc – its not like SL at all

    i tried it and binned it 😉