Celebrity Stock Market. Phew! I haven’t posted anything in ages! Well, this is one of the things I’ve been up to recently. Celebdaq is a virtual stock market of Celebrities, based on a system written by a friend of mine for his creation, popex.

Once registered, you’re given ten grand of virtual money to spend (no big money prizes I’m afraid) on shares in Celebrities currently in the public eye. Their share prices go up and down based on the column inches they get in the papers each week. I did the broadband Flash console for the Celebdaq site, which they also turned into a regular celebrity gossip TV show on BBC Three. Great stuff!


Testing News. Hopefully you should be able to read the news coming from BBC News Online’s front page. The Flash here is being driven by an XML feed grabbed from the BBC. I dont think it would work, if the XML file was on the BBC servers.

As I said, this is a test. The original file here was designed to fit onto an iPaq which it does, quite nicely here. This will work over a Bluetooth and GPRS connection, or in your cradle, if the machine is connected and the settings are correct on the device.


Blimey, you turn your back for, ooo, a month, a what happens? You get over 150,000 silly pictures and rants posted on your innocent, pointless, doodle-mad website! I’m planning on doing T-Shirts for them. Perhaps a little system to allow printers to download the picture and process payment for printing a T-Shirt of it?

Posters anyone? 😉 Watch this space for a mosiac-style massive picture made up from the previous posts to Blograffiti.

Also, busy working on a cunning mobile blogging thingy. It has the ability to upload images, audio, video and text to the web, via a mobile device. It works on the P800 on its own. Woo… stay tuned. I’ll get this up and running in two weeks, for Glastonbury Festival! So, I’ll be posting stuff up online for Auntie to filter through and use while ‘in the field’, so to speak. A ‘blog from the bog’. Lovely. Now… where’s my pass?


Nearly 30,000 ‘blografix’ so far on the blograffiti page. Moved it to a new domain and server. Introducing blugg.
Here are some pix that I’ve done 😉

Phew… busy busy busy….!! There’s so much variety on this! It’s really quite incredible. Trouble is, with so many of the visitors it seems, you give them a pen and paper, and all they want to do is draw willies! It varies alot through the day. The huge amount of bandwidth that it’s taking up is beginning to worry me. And it’s only been online a few days!!! Argh!!

I got blugg to ask people to draw the Wacki Iraqi! This is what they came up with…


MAD Mike Chambers from Macromedia’s Devnet has asked users to spoof him online, in order to win a copy of their third Developers Resource Kit (DRK3). As I’ve been dabbling with this sort of thing, I though I’d give old Mike the once-over with Flash and live XML from his blog. Have a good look around. There are loads of links to many tutorials and rescources for Flash MX.


The Wacki Iraqi SHOW! Click the image to launch the show. Yes, more homage to the man who just keeps on giving. Spare this man! He seems to have fast become a cult figure around the world, for his constant denial of everything that has happened in Iraq. He has even got his own fan site now! Enjoy.


The Wacki Iraqi constantly excels himself with true entertainment during hard times in Baghdad. I don’t know what planet he lives on, and frankly I don’t care. Just so long as he keeps on entertaining us, in his own unique way. Someone give this man a TV show when this is all over. As homage, click the image to view him in his prime. 😉

It’s WAR!

IT’S WAR! Been very, very, very busy for Auntie working on a Flash, XML-driven Multimedia Console to cover the ongoing war in Iraq.
Click the picture to launch the console. If you are a UK broadband subscriber, go to the ‘Watch/Listen’ button on the BBC News hompage (top right) and you should get the link to the broadband version with much better quality video.

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