Amanda is Unboomed

Looks like Andrew Baron and Amanda Congdon have parted ways on Rocketboom. I’m sure many subscribers will tune over to Amanda’s ‘Unboomed’ feed – if that happens. And I can’t see her having a problem finding someone to point a camera her way. To many people, Amanda was RocketBoom and no doubt is responsible for so many viewers. It will be interesting to see what Andrew does with the RocketBoom brand. Maybe that’s where the disagreement laid.

I would hazard a guess that Amanda has had a big offer she can’t refuse.

Podtech maybe?

UPDATE: It turns out that Andrew found out about it the same way we all did. Ouch.

Max Headroom : The original video podcaster?

Steve Garfield and KossoSteve and CarolIt was great to meet up with Steve Garfield and Carol the other evening, here in Boston. We went for dinner then off out to see Monty Python's Spamalot at the Colonial Theatre, which was a hilarious musical based around the story of the 'Holy Grail' movie. [The Colonial Theatre might be having a bit of disruption now, since being situated right next to where the crane accident happened the other day]

Steve Garfield IS Max Headroom 2.0I was telling Steve how his video podcasting /citizen journalist efforts remind me of Max Headroom. For those of you that have never seen the movie, I suggest you do. The character played by Matt Frewer was a video/tv journalist, operating as a one man band, in constant direct-feed contact with his producers, roaming around investigating stories with just him and his camera. The character was investigating 'blipverts' and the explosive effects they had on viewers when he had an accident and hit a Max Headroom sign in a car park. It was the last thing he could remember. In the film, they managed to communicate with a catatonic Frewer by plumbing his psyche into a computer. Hence the animated character was born.

Steve Garfield IS Max Headroom 2.0 😉