TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington calls for the End of The BBC!

bbcmike.jpgFile under ‘WTF’ and ‘ill-informed’.

[update: March 14th 2007: Long Live the BBC! ]

Apparently, during a panel at yesterday’s Future Of WebApps Conference, TechCrunch‘s Mike Arrington said ‘The BBC should be dissolved’. (see video here from BBC backstage’s Ian Forrester)

Listen here (edited) “The BBC Should Be Dissolved” : Mike Arrington : FOWA Feb 2007

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And the longer version here 😉

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Judging by the things he said, he clearly has no idea about how the BBC works in the UK. It *is* different to BBC World and he also gets some facts wrong about a kids social network.

I will agree to a point that the TV License (that every UK household who owns a TV is forced to pay) is often abused and unwisely spent on some astronomical salaries for many people who I happen to know first hand don’t have the required knowledge to make certain decisions. 😉

Google Ad(makesno)Sense?

Recently, I decided to it was high time I had a look at Google AdSense. Having never placed advertising on a website before, it was kind of weird, but the Google interface and instructions were very easy to follow.

I have put it on my Second Life blogging system pages at

But, while looking over their system today, I decided to have a look at their AdSense policies page and was rather surprised to see this entry:

“Copyrighted Material

In order to avoid associations with copyright claims, website publishers may not display Google ads on web pages with MP3, Video, News Groups, and Image Results.”

Whaaaa? I’m pretty sure I have seen loads of sites for AV with Google ads on them.

Does anyone out there know more about this? Have I misread it, or are all these people breaking the policy?

When I first met Scoble

It was just over a year ago when I first met the Scobleizer!

And in honour of that, here's the first time I spoke to him. Dave Winer, while in Florida on a beach gave me his cellphone number, so I called it via Skype from London then hooked the three of us up for a goofy chat which we uploaded for a podcast 😉 Those were the days :)))

 UPDATE: fixed the mp3 link – was going to the old box

MacMini Lasted Two Minutes!!

So, I went and bought myself a nice new MacMini to use a home dev box and for some other video stuff. So, I unpack it all and plug it all in, and the power button:

*BONG* it said, and happily went about welcoming me in lots of different languages. Then we start setting it up and saying what language and keyboard I have…. THEN…

…. *NOTHING*. It just turned off! And i WONT TURN BACK ON! WTF!!?????

The power brick seems to be buzzing gently, so that’s OK. But the MacMini just will NOT TURN ON AT ALL!!!

I am PISSED OFF!! It means I’m going to have to traipse back into town tomorrow to replace it.

I found a couple of pages online for troubleshooting (after TWO BLEEDIN’ MINUTES!!) if your MacMini won’t turn on. But they do not fix my problem. This sucks. BIG time.

Apple! WHAT THE F*CK??????? It’s CRAPPLE, so far!!! GRRRR!! Not a good first experience. At all.