Patently Ridiculous!

I just got round to having a good read of the two patents out there linked by Adam Green regarding feeds and aggregators and auto-discovery of feeds in a web page.

All this would be a huge fly in the ointment for just about every feed aggregator, feed parser, feed browser/grazer out there!! WTF?

I cant tell if these filings (one from Apples' Steven Jobs) have been accepted and processed yet, but buy, this could pose all sorts of problems.

OPML is not mentioned, per se, but there are so many methods of collecting and presenting feeds mentioned here, that various problems could arise, I think.

Has anyone else seen any further discussion and dissection of these patents? If so, could you let me know, as it could put the kibosh on a few things that many of us are working on. 

Future of The Web : Sir Tim Berners-Lee

This is a webcast of Sir Tim in Oxford recently (we were supposed to be going – but ultimately coudn't make it) talking about the Future of The Web. 

The development of Web technology has
been an exciting ride, a series of socially motivated technical
innovations some languishing, others catching on in a viral way. As
each development has suggested many new ones, and much of the original
vision is still unfulfilled, there is a lot to do. This talk will
discuss new challenges and hopes for weblike systems on the net.