Heh. I just found these two old animated gifs I did a couple of years ago πŸ˜‰ I use to do alot of photoshoppery and animation stuff. back when I seemed to have alot more time than I do now!

They’re both from Gnomedex 2005

I’ll see if I can find the urls to the others from the plethora of domains I have out there πŸ˜‰ Maybe I could find the time to make some more!? But of whom?

Here are some pictures I did using my web – doodle – graffiti project called ‘Blograffiti‘ πŸ˜‰ [warning: potentially offensive line drawings!]

The Power of RSS and linkage

Here’s a little factoid for ya. This is what happens to your blog stats when you find a phone with an RSS button on it and Dave Winer links to it over on Scripting News. Impressive πŸ˜‰ And gratifying.

Talking of Dave, he wrote a very poignant post today about the longevity of his content, his blog, his life’s work over on Scripting News. I had the pleasure of listening to Charlie Nesson a couple of times. Brilliant, thoughtful and inspiring.

Yesterday, I paid up another year for my server. That can’t happen forever for everyone. Hopefully one day I’ll host all at home as part of my connectivity package. Hosting aside, there’s much scripting going on around the place. I have old demos which won’t work unless I kick a cron job off again. So much dynamic content would not work without editing a config file, for example.

Dave Heals

Let’s try seeing if we can send out some positive energy here, seeing as it appears to be in the air. πŸ˜‰ Happy Dave Heals Day!

Wow. I just caught up on all this TechCrunch UK – Sam getting fired – LesBlog/LeWeb/LeWhatever – hoo haa. Looks like we need more positive energy, man. Welcome to the bickersphereβ„’
There are plenty of good London-based bloggers out there who could fill Sam’s shoes.

The first time I met Sam a while ago, he said he was working on an ‘OPML Exchange Server’ for Microsoft. Never heard any more about that since then. Seemed like a nice guy, but was little up himself, imho. He also had quite along heated debate with my partner outside Kettners, as Hugh McLeod and I stood around and talked bollocks to kill time πŸ˜‰

The last time I saw him, at the Chris Anderson Geek Dinner, he was pissed as a newt! ( you might be bale to see him wobbling in the doorway behind Chris) ;}


The Well-Formed Web?

With well formed data, there’s no reason why not. πŸ˜‰

Now, can we please work out the right way to *do* OPML please?


If you want to point to a WEBSITE: use type=link and url=

If you want to point to an RSS feed use type=rss and xmlUrl=htt://

If you want to point to MORE OPML use type=include and url=

OK. So, you could argue that there might be better ways of doing/specifying it.
And what about htmlUrl, opmlUrl, atomUrl, foafUrl, rdfUrl, type=rdf, type=atom, type=application/pdf or whatever… I don’t know. Just DOCUMENT how you do it.

But what I do know is the sooner we agree and what is the right way to ‘do it’ – the better. πŸ˜€


Hey! Is my OPML Icon out of date?? :p

Dave’s Hiring

Looks like Dave needs a developer.

I do alot of what he needs, but a) I’m busy at b) I’m in the UK and c) I’m probably not the ‘professional type’ he wants. :p Heh. Maybe you are?
I’m glad it sounds like Dave is getting back into (publicly saying that he is) developing *something* – as the theme of posts recently haven’t been as interesting as usual for me. Sounds like he’s getting back in to one of his ‘modes’ of operation. That’s usually good news for us all.

Alot of people think I don’t like Dave anymore. That’s just not true. On the contrary – I miss him and all the funny, innovative and insightful conversations we used to have a while ago, into the wee hours here in the UK. He knows what it’s like to sit home alone all day and night coding too πŸ™‚

Judging by the recent issues he’s had with computers, I imagine he’s not in Second Life. This would be a shame, as we could meet up there – virtually – and if I did anything wrong, he could bop me on the noggin with a cartoon anvil, if he wanted. Who knows – it might be cathartic. Heheh.

He could also have a looksie at the blogHUD – there’s alot going to happen with that which I just know would float his skybox πŸ™‚

Web 2 point oh no!

I totally agree with Dave on this. I was thinking this the other day,when I saw it.

Though I don’t think that Go2Web20 claim to have all companies listed, as it appears to just be a hobby(ish) site, but some of the ‘companies’ listed? Are they ‘web2.0’?

AOL??? Cooome oon!? Eh?

Also I see more than one link to a ‘Crunch’site. Is a blog as web2.0 company? Hmmm? πŸ˜‰ (though their job site thing *might* be worth it – but no way is it a ‘2.0’ system)

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