The Descendants of Ruth flock in


On the day that Second Life reached the 1 million residents mark, the interest has apparently seen around 50,000 new signups already today! I decided to get an alt and record the arrivals on one of the Orientation islands. This one is island number 32 for arrivals!

As you can see, everyone starts off as a female! People also see this strange (sometimes gender-bending) transition from a plain female avatar to their own customised version (it can be quite amusing).

The name of this avatar is ‘Ruth’. She is an early basic model from Fractal Designs’ Curious Labs’ e-frontier’s 3d character designing and animating software called Poser, which many people use to create the .bvh animation files which get embedded into ‘poseballs’ in Second Life. She is the basic form of every avatar in SL.

So, welcome!! ‘Descendants Of Ruth’!

I think that could be a great name for a band in Second Life. šŸ˜‰

Virtual ā€˜3Dā€™ Podcasting Expo

I just read about an expo billed as a ‘Virtual International Podcasting Expo’. The details are here.

When I read this, I thought ‘ooo, in Second Life?’ – but apparently not. The site seems extremely vague about the hows and whatnot of this ‘3-D Virtual Expo’ but looking at one of the pages here, it looks like a web-based habbo hotel-type thing.

They appear to have a pretty good (and long!) lineup of speakers. It will be interesting to see what happens and how it all works.

There could be all sorts of reasons why they do not choose Second Life to do this, but I think they could do it there too, to an extent. I get the feeling it’s jumping on the bandwagon a bit, but if it’s good for podcasting and it helps people learn, then that’s good enough for me. šŸ˜‰

Yahoo!ā€™s Tech Mom Looks at Second Life

Dory Devlin, Yahoo! Tech’s ‘The Mom’ has a post here about Second Life, since hearing of ‘Adam Reuters’ (Adam Pasick) being ’embedded’ as a journalist in Second Life for Reuters – they have a dedicated site at There’s a hearty discussion thread building on Dory’s post! Lots of ‘I don’t get it’ posts and lots of ‘I make money!’ posts.

Recently, Adam posted a story that the US Congress are launching a probe into the virtual economy that exists within Second Life (and a follow-up here). Many people make quite alot of money in this virtual world. Some even more than the employees of Linden Lab, the creators and curators of this new ‘metanation’ which I inhabit.

It’s an interesting discussion – and one which will have to be addressed soon, whether we like it or not. I heard about a year or so ago of someone who was trying to go through his taxes and wanted to deal with the money he was being paid to look after someone’s character in a different game. His accountant and the taxman had no idea what to do, so shrugged and ignored it.

I think it’s bound to change. But I wonder how the various global tax offices decide to deal with it. There will probably be virtual tax havens you could log in from, to avoid paying. We’ll see. What about if Linden move all their servers offshore? How about Sealand? That’s a ‘very Second Life’ place šŸ˜‰
In the next week or so, we’ll hit the 1 million users mark in Second Life. (Currently stands at 983,621) That will be a big day which will no doubt garner headlines all over the world – then more users will come – and more money will be exchanged – etc, etc… šŸ˜‰

Doctoe Schnook and I (Koz Farina) hope to start a podcast purely about Second Life soon. Stay tuned! šŸ˜‰

Google Ad(makesno)Sense?

Recently, I decided to it was high time I had a look at Google AdSense. Having never placed advertising on a website before, it was kind of weird, but the Google interface and instructions were very easy to follow.

I have put it on my Second Life blogging system pages at

But, while looking over their system today, I decided to have a look at their AdSense policies page and was rather surprised to see this entry:

“Copyrighted Material

In order to avoid associations with copyright claims, website publishers may not display Google ads on web pages with MP3, Video, News Groups, and Image Results.”

Whaaaa? I’m pretty sure I have seen loads of sites for AV with Google ads on them.

Does anyone out there know more about this? Have I misread it, or are all these people breaking the policy?

Second Life : The Band!

Did you know there was a band, back in 1971 called ‘Second Life’? Nope. Me neither, until I came across a listing in a newsgroup about 70’s music.

Their one and only album, eponymously titled ‘Second Life’ is quite a rarity it seems. The tracks sound very Arthur Lee/Love/Hendrixy/Doorsy with long guitar solos and endless drum noodling. lovely.

Oh, and naturally, long hair šŸ™‚ [which they appear to share] šŸ˜‰

From ‘Second Battle‘ where you can get this on CD :

I would describe this one and only album by SECOND LIFE (same line-up as TIGER B. SMITH) as a “no compromise” hard rock masterpiece, especially because of its self-titled opener, a varied opus of twenty minutes consisting of floating acoustic parts, powerful moments and expanded instrumental solos.”


Meta Meta

Meta Meta

Originally uploaded by kosso.

A photo taken while at Gnomedex of Flickr displaying a photo taken by Steve Lacey of my laptop while in Second Life, looking at photos from Gnomedex while sat in the auditorium at Gnomedex. Woo – weiiiiiird.
Even weirder still, i was outside in between sessions chatting to Steve and we were talking about Second Life and he mentioned about someone doing something around the podcaster places in Second Life at a place called the Bluggcast something – I said “Ha! That was ME!”

Me so meta

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