They call it a compliment

I was just in Shaws supermarket, here in Boston, USA buying some snacks and beers for yet another night in the hotel, with my head under the bonnet of, playing with OPML and RSS (to the POWER of USERS) (ahh yes – thrills on a Friday night, eh?) and I was actually asked for ID to prove I was old enough to buy alcohol!!!

I have not been asked for ID since well before i was 18 (which is the age of ‘alconsent’ in the UK). I was regularly the one who had to go into the Off Licence to buy the booze when we were at school. Even then I was rarely checked, even though I was well underage at the time.

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! Is my ever greying hair and grey-flecked beard not proof enough that I’m over 21??? Jeeeezuuuuuzz!!!!!!

Back to Boston

Off back to Boston tomorrow to see the gang. Also for some more
important meetings which I hope can help us gain a bit more traction
here (and over there —mm.. transatlantic…). Still finalising
things. Need to sign things. Show me the money! Heh.

Hope fully
we'll also get a chance to pop down to New York to see someone there
who has been interested in what's brewing over at πŸ˜‰ 

Does The Pope have a Time Machine??

Cooo, while trawling through loads of feeds today, building this system for podcasters, I was wondering why I was getting some strange results. I thought it was my code playing tricks with me, but no.

Now this is just one of the MANY MANY errors and quirks I find in people’s RSS feeds (which will be the subject of a future podcast), but it appears that the Vatican Radio One-O Five ‘Live’ podcast (among others) is being ‘future posted’. Notice the date on the most recent item? It’s in the THE FUTURE!

This could be an error in whatever time-travelling software the Pope uses for his podcasts, but I also find it very odd that this is a FeedBurner feed, and should have been ‘sanitized’ to a point. You’d think they would, wouldn’t you?

I am absolutely flabbergasted at the variations of RSS feeds out there, which people are relying on to get their voices heard on podcasts. All that effort to produce a show. We really need to help educate people on syndication feed practices. This isn’t a web site HTML page, which might show up and work in various browsers, even if the code is invalid, this is MACHINE-READABLE-CODE and should be written by machines/scripts that all speak the SAME language, or we’ll find ourselves in a right pickle.

Soon, we will be able to throw open the doors to and see if we can collate some good, solid information, to go alongside the RSS 2.0 spec which can help people get it right. All that along with some podcast ‘grazing’ pages which we think you’re going to love πŸ˜‰ We do!
It’s worth it. Trust me πŸ™‚

ps: Still on a religious note, I have also noticed that the RSS feed for the podcast is in chronological order. RSS feeds should be in REVERSE chronological order. Now, this could be a mistake (which it is, really) or it could have something to do with the reverse order that pages and text go in Arabic (and other) languages. Hmm.. Interesting. I wonder if that’s it. If so, then all Arabic content syndication systems might need to give that some thought.

O (my god) PML!!

I do believe that Rogers Cadenhead has spilled the beans on Dave’s bizarre mood recently. Here’s Dave reply. Oh dear, oh dear. oh dear. I feel sorry for them both – for different reasons. It’s no fun when things get to the lawyers. I think Rogers should probably give Dave back the money and show us what this OPML Factory is all about. If it’s anything like what Frontier does with users’ OPML, then it could be quite interesting. It all depends on the interfaces, as much as the tools and ‘share levels’ available to users. [Note: indiepodder.orgΒ  has been running on Frontier and was down for quite a few days recently – I wonder if it has been rewritten yet? It probably is getting an overhaul via Podshow/Podcast Alley]

Another reason why all this is such an OMG moment, is that all this sounds remarkably similar to a big part of a system I have been developing, which I should be able to show you all very soon. I’m working as hard as I can and as hard as I have ever done, since leaving the BBC to follow my heart and passion to work with some great people (who I trust and respect) to build (coming sooooon!!!!!) πŸ™‚

Sounds like OPML is going to hit the headlines for more reasons than expected this year than I thought!

Day One

Well, here we go! It’s day one here at the kozcave! Lots to organise here, then lots to explain and talk about, then lots to play with and share with you! I’m working hard to get you something to play with, instead of just look at πŸ˜‰ It should be worth the wait! Heh.


I’ll be setting up a new blog very soon…

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