MacMini Lasted Two Minutes!!

So, I went and bought myself a nice new MacMini to use a home dev box and for some other video stuff. So, I unpack it all and plug it all in, and the power button:

*BONG* it said, and happily went about welcoming me in lots of different languages. Then we start setting it up and saying what language and keyboard I have…. THEN…

…. *NOTHING*. It just turned off! And i WONT TURN BACK ON! WTF!!?????

The power brick seems to be buzzing gently, so that’s OK. But the MacMini just will NOT TURN ON AT ALL!!!

I am PISSED OFF!! It means I’m going to have to traipse back into town tomorrow to replace it.

I found a couple of pages online for troubleshooting (after TWO BLEEDIN’ MINUTES!!) if your MacMini won’t turn on. But they do not fix my problem. This sucks. BIG time.

Apple! WHAT THE F*CK??????? It’s CRAPPLE, so far!!! GRRRR!! Not a good first experience. At all.


Great post over here from Chris Pirillo about OPML. I think there’s going to be a whole lot of new info emerging to explain OPML to the masses. I’m putting together some info over here too, as it happens.
Another VERY COOL thing is that the OPML output from Chris’ metasearch site works in the OPML and RSS system I have cooking here. Veeeery nice πŸ˜‰

I think maybe I’ll drop Chris a line and ask if I could incorporate a search into ‘treedia’ πŸ˜‰ That would be cool. I can’t imagine he’d mind.
BTW: I think I must have some kind of cyber-mind-meld going on with Chris at the moment, as the other day I was thinking about adding favicons to the output pages of treedia/ searches, after realising that the browsers supported them in html (when did that happen? was I asleep?). Then, lo and behold, Chris posts to his blog about the very same thing. Weird. Cool!

Do all browsers support a .ico image in the html as an img tag? If so, this makes life very cool, because people (was it MS?) decided to make sure that to have an icon in the address bar of a browser, while on a webiste, the image MUST be called favicon.ico, and stored in the wbe root. Therefore it’s a cinch to find them πŸ™‚ Hurrah!

O (my god) PML!!

I do believe that Rogers Cadenhead has spilled the beans on Dave’s bizarre mood recently. Here’s Dave reply. Oh dear, oh dear. oh dear. I feel sorry for them both – for different reasons. It’s no fun when things get to the lawyers. I think Rogers should probably give Dave back the money and show us what this OPML Factory is all about. If it’s anything like what Frontier does with users’ OPML, then it could be quite interesting. It all depends on the interfaces, as much as the tools and ‘share levels’ available to users. [Note: indiepodder.orgΒ  has been running on Frontier and was down for quite a few days recently – I wonder if it has been rewritten yet? It probably is getting an overhaul via Podshow/Podcast Alley]

Another reason why all this is such an OMG moment, is that all this sounds remarkably similar to a big part of a system I have been developing, which I should be able to show you all very soon. I’m working as hard as I can and as hard as I have ever done, since leaving the BBC to follow my heart and passion to work with some great people (who I trust and respect) to build (coming sooooon!!!!!) πŸ™‚

Sounds like OPML is going to hit the headlines for more reasons than expected this year than I thought!