MY on a PSP

Here is something which we’ll be opening up soon, along with registrations to!

When you get the chance to sign up at, you’re effectively creating a podcast directory of your favourite podcast subscriptions. All those will be available to you on the main site using the existing interface – through (for example)

BUT! You’ll also get to surf to on your Sony PSP to access yours and your friend’s subscriptions there. Mobile too – and more to come.

Notice the small image next to the logo – that’s my profile image 😉

Cool!! Now that’s what I can portable media.
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This will be getting a bit of an update soon, but here’s how looks on its built-in web broswer. Very fast and small pages to load, opening up a plethora of audio and video podcasts for you to subscribe to.

When you navigate to a podcast page, a simple click on the RSS icon will launch the PSP’s built-in RSS reader (‘Channels’) and ask if you want to subscribe for automatic updates.

Also, you can click the download links to supported audio and video formats and the PSP will ask if you want to download and place it into your personal mobile media library! Simple!

You can also view you podcasts is a smaller layout for mobile smartphone browsers at

Not only those, but every user who comes to to mange and share their podcast subscriptions get the bonus of a mobile and console interface for all their own stuff! Bargain!
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The outside office with N800

The N800 is perfect for those of us who just ‘have’ to stay connected to everything going on. With wifi and the Nokia N800’s easy-to-set-up Gmail client, it chimes when I get mail which I can read on the built – in web browser. All while listening to a live shoutcast stream coming from the lounge in the front of the flat.

I must say : The mobile browser here in the N800 is by far the best browser I have ever used on the portable device of this size.
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IRC on a Nokia N800

Over the weekend I looked for a quick solution to an internet relay chat interface using html rather than Java.

Once I got this running, I was able to use it on the N800, which was pretty cool.

The UI is still incomplete, but hey, it worked!! 🙂
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UStream on a Wii!!!

Well, once I realised that I could do the Flash required to get UStream on a Nokia N800 in the previous entry, I swiftly hacked together an interface for the Wii.

I have some very interesting ideas and plans for content on mobiles and consoles. But you’re going to have to wait until I get further down the road to a ful lbeta on for that! 😉
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K95 First video

A quick test of the video recorder on the N95. Not bad in low light, which is always a good sign. The original video was .mp4 and 22Mb. It took 7 minutes to upload it over my wifi. Man, I look rough. Hehe
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