Handy MP3 player + Bluetooth handsfree thingummy whatsit

This looks handy. It’s called the iTech clip M. A little thing that you can hook up in the cable coming out of your mp3 player (no, it doesn’t have to be just a nano!) which also provides handsfree calling to your mobile phone. Cool! And cheap. Now, I wonder what the call quality is like? Does it even have a mic? Is the bluetooth audio to the phone in stereo?

Questions. Questions 🙂

I already have a pair of the Plantronics Pulsar 590 Stereo Bluetooth headphones, and the Bluetooth quality while listening to music or podcasts while walking around the house is pretty good. But the boom mic they have on it SUCKS.

After passing my dulcet tones along the tiny plastic tubing which sticks out of one of the earpieces, I’d just as well be warbling through a straw. Also, there was about a half second latency noticeable when I tried to use them as a monitor for a podcast recording. Impossible. Shame. I rather liked the idea of wondering around, totally wirelessly, recording my rants.

Yes, there are ‘kozcasts’ coming soon! If you must know, I’m just putting the finishing touches to the system I will be using to publish them 😉

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