Grazer Blazer!

Mike Kowalchik’s Grazr is getting quite bit of attention. Good stuff too! I like it. I met Mike and Adam last time I was over in Boston – and ate my first snail!

One thing about the Grazr I like is the side to side navigation of it. When I first started trying to build an OPML powered navigation and content system, I used that paradigm. When I showed people like Dave, the reaction wasn’t all that great. I explained that it’s similar to the navigation and browsing mechanism of an iPod (I don’t own one, btw). Side to side – up and down, etc. People get it. MILLIONS of people get it. AND they seem OK managing hundreds or thousands of files through that teeny window, using that navigation principle.

I developed some cool demo mobile apps for news reading a couple of years ago which use that too, and for the same reason. It works.

But, something was bugging me. People already know how to use folders, finders and explorers, etc. So I’ve been testing out coding the same experience. It’s interesting and very rewarding when it works. But I think there’s still plenty of wiggle left in these concepts. Let’s evolve the paradigm. Remember the first time you saw Gmail? All that content flipping around the browser with no reloads? Wow! I would say that Gmail helped fuel the whole AJAX craze.
Now. I’m slightly worried that poeple are out filing patents for OPML and RSS systems, which is really going to be unhelpful, especially at this nascent stage for OPML. And I’d like to know if anyone knows about about any. I have heard that there are some being filed.

It would be best to know what these are as soon as possible, now wouldn’t it?

I’m going to see if I can dig out all my early work 🙂

Yahoo! Groups OPML reading lists?

I was thinking that I’d ike to see Yahoo! Groups provide a url to an OPML file listing the (public) groups I am subscribed to, along with pointers to the RSS feeds.

Hmm.. maybe there’s an API somewhere that I can build that request, then generate the OPML?

Off to the dev net then….

UPDATE: I see they have a nice BIG List of RSS feeds here too. Now, if they could just have that as an OPML file (which they could update whenever new feeds appear)  then we could all keep up to date with new feeds. That would be nice wouldn’t it?

OPML Yahoo! RSS Developers

Is this thing on?

Hello there. Just remembered I had this WP account.

I’m busy putting together a system on my server to support my blog and all the other bits and bobs I am currently building, so this could be a temporary home for now.

I also plan on showing a bit of leg on the OPML + RSS system I am putting together – it’s just a question of *which* (orf my many) domains to host in under…

Hmm.. would do it… or maybe .. or

All of those would be suitable :))

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