Twitter Posting with PHP and Curl

As it’s so utterly and incredibly easy to do this, I thought I’d add to the resources of how to post to message to your Twitter account using PHP and Curl.

So, to add to the other PHP scripts I’ve been plonking out here, here is the PHP source code to a simple  function which will post to a Twitter account. Send data to it from a form or a service, or even another script, even from an llHTTPRequest from an LSL script in Second Life! Easy and interesting stuff, that messaging. 😉

Here you go:


  • Nice… I was about to write something like this myself. It saves me some time looking up how to interface curl from PHP.


  • That the idea! 🙂 Happy to have helped.

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  • Thanks for posting this. Lots of potential uses.

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  • Thank you for this! 🙂

    And also (!), it’s so good(?!!) to see I can stop freaking out and/or attempting to grok this spamming nemoforone guy’s (yes, he is a guy. i have a short portfolio of ‘his existence’ in my mind, thanks to my … paranoia re: ‘crap that may or may not be spam’.

    phewf. My apologies for all of that 😉

    ~Rae (still patiently looking forward to the hubby recompiling(+ ?) for cURL, erm, COMPLIANCE heheh)