Odeo For Sale

Check it out, Ev Williams has posted that Odeo, their podcasting system is up for sale/partnership.

I think this is great. I wonder how many users Odeo has?

Podcast.com is doing about a tenth of the traffic they state over there, [Uniques: 66,765 Page views: 294,867 over the last 30 days at podcast.com] which I think is not bad considering there are only 4 or five registered users of podcast.com so far, for testing – and three of them are me! 😉

This is encouraging for when we open the doors to sign up. Odeo has some great technology behind their system. In fact I am off out not to see a friend’s company who have just developed something similar – using Open Source 😉

It’s way past time that I met Ev and had a ‘createc’ chat 😉

I’m also interested on how that list of post below his was generated. At first I thought it was a blogger.com thing onlw. Now as I see techment and tailrack in there I know it’s now.  But it is more then simple trackback, as far as I can see. I could be wrong – please correct me. ta.