Paper Memory Mash!

This is just fantasic and amazing! I think this has to be one of the most profoundly important developments in technology r&d all year (at least).

A student called Sainul Abideen in Bangalore has developed a method of ‘storing’ data using small printed shapes called ‘Rainbow Technology’. An A4 sheet of paper can apparently store a staggering 256GB of data!

In a demo at his college laboratory, this writer could see text typed on 432 pages of foolscap paper being stored in a four square inch paper. The writer was even shown a 45-second video clip of a Malayalam film stored on an ordinary paper. Sainul was guided by Prof. Hyderali, head of the MCA Department at the College in all these projects.

*picks up jaw from the floor.

Now we just need cool little scanners – like the business card ones. You’d easly get a full DVD on a business card! LOL! Oh. My. God.


  • its not april 1st is it ? 😉

    looks like i’m going back to ibiza and it looks like i have the backing to do a sl project i want to do…

  • second life, it’s a passing fad, no-one will make any real money from it… oh. How much you made Kosso?
    Hello MrLK btw!

  • he he 🙂

  • a couple of hundred quid 😉

    It may be a passing fad – like the interweb – who knows.

    but what matters is that we’ll know how to deal with this ‘new’ 3dinterweblock when it comes – maybe it already has.

    I dont think that Linden is the future for the Metaverse though. Not for a while until they fix the scalability issues.

    Coding for cash is funnnnnnnnn! 🙂