PixPix RIAA Secret Agent Honeypot?

Another link from the Scobleizer about a new site called PixPix, which lets you bookmark all sort of things on the web including music mp3s, video and images. All this is wrapped in a digg-like ‘social network’ interface for rating and whatnot.

While I think that sites like this are fun and reveal loads of things out there on the web you might not find otherwise, they have made the job of the RIAA etc very very easy indeed. The urls to the copyrighted files and material are there for all to see.

Some bright spark at the RIAA needs to write a script which monitors their RSS feeds (here’s the one for audio) and notes down the value of the ‘guid’ element. This will harvest a huge list of hosts of potentially infringing content.

It wouldn’t surprise me if one day the folks at the RIAA, MPAA, PRS etc create a site just like this and thus create a huge honeypot for their investigations. It just takes one smart cookie in the bag.


  • Sorry guys, we have removed all the links to audio files including mp3. Our members can still browse and search for their favorite music, add it their library, create their play list, and best of all list to it. They can add the flash music player to their MySpace, Friendster, Blog, and website. The only thing they can’t do is download music. In addition, to conform with the law we have purchased broadcasting licenses from BMI and other associations.

    PixPix.net is legal and will be here for a very long time. So enjoy…

  • Good move 😉 Good job!