Pajamas Don’t Podcast

I noticed Dave mentioned he was interviewed by Andrew Keen, who I have met through activities. I’m glad to see he called it an interview and not a podcast. Why? No RSS feed at all containing the ability for me to subscribe to a series.

To quote Andrew in the interview “RSS is so simple – so elegant”

Andrew’s ‘AfterTV’ did have someone doing a feed for him a while back, but now it looks like Andrew is creating content now for some set up called Pajamas Media. They call themselves the best in global blogging, podcasts and opinion. Blogs? Check. Podcasts. Nope. MP3s to download from the site? Yes. Opinion? No doubt.

They say there are podcasts there – and in their Politics Central section – but I cannot find any at all. Sure, there are some MP3 which have had alot of time and effort put into the them to produce them, but no podcasts.

No feed = Not a podcast (IMHO)

To quote Dave in the interview : “Podcasting is another thing I invented”

I really wish people would do that final last leg of the production effort properly. I also wonder if the hosts etc realise their content is now stuck on a website many people will not have heard of – and not out there being freely aggregated all over the world, while telling anyone who sees it about that website and production team.

This happened few weeks back from Andrew, where he had interviewed Philip Rosedale from Linden Lab (which I now can’t find – no search results for Linden on PM or PC) . I like Andrew’s style and interviews, but he should get someone to sort out his feeds.

He’ll be glad to know the publishing system over at is just about ready to roll. 😉