OPML Camp this weekend

Yes, I’m over here in Cambridge, MA for the OPML Camp taking place this weekend at the Berkman Center in Austin Hall. Looking forward to seeing what others turn up and finding out about some cool stuff.


I got hold of a new MacBookPro while here. Very nice and fast. (And runs Second Life much better than others PCs I have – for now)

I tried installing an OPML Editor to it, but the docs seems to be out of date. I heard about a fresh Mac installer a while ago but I can;t seem to find it anywhere. Anyone have any pointers?

The version I tried to install from a fresh download (on Windows too) just won;t update to the latest version. It complains the the ‘updateTool’ has not been defined. Seems odd.

I’ve been uber busy since being here since last weekend for the Beyond Broadcast event, set up by Jake Shapiro from PRX/Berkman. What a great time that was. Geat set of people there.

Again, the lack of a working OPML Editor stopped me blogging (as easily as I would like) about it. I need help!!