Boston crane accident

Boston crane accident

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Just earlier, up the road from the office here in Boston, a large piece of crane holding up a construction gantry on the front of Emmerson College, facing Boston Common came away from the building and fell on top of a car killing all three people inside. A pedestrian was also killed in this tragic accident.

UPDATE: It turns out that the victim count was three. One man in a car and two construction workers. Two shocked survivors, who were friends, were in driving together through Boston in two seperate cars and one car had pulled between them. This was the car which was crushed. 

Another man who managed to walk from the accident, after having his car severely damaged from above is the grandson of former Boston mayor, John Hynes.

The were two more people injured in this tragic accident, which could be heard around the area as the lift supports of the construction gantry came crashing down this afternoon.