Our So-Called Leader

Our so-called leader is living in an imaginary Britain when she espouses the decision-making guidance of deities which many simply do not.

This irks me to no end.

Quite simply, the best person to lead any nation of believers of many different things, is an atheist.

It’s the only logical way to have a perspective on them all. And with that, empathy. The sort of empathy a leader and motivator of many should have.

On a human level.

Zero disrespect.

Moth Life

This morning, I watched a young moth walking up the side of the bath to get to the top.
Again and again, it faltered. Slipping, losing grip but persevering to the top where it gets flat. I egged it on. It was gripping stuff.
When it got to the top, it just sat and rested a while, as if taking a breath.

Then it just flew off.

And that, my friends, is a lesson.

Not the old “try, try again” one. But one that reminds us to do the things in life that we don’t actually *need* to do to survive, but to attempt to do the ‘different’ and unexpected things, despite our abilities.

I love that moth.